• 520 G₲

  • A scam or a blessing in disguise?

If you are good at sales, you can register a team and affiliate some active players.

All players may get the champion by working hard: buying more keys as early as possible and playing collaboratively with your teammates.

You may try risk, preparing your script and hacking at the end of game.

Maybe you are a teammate of the winner or the champion. Maybe you lose... No matter whether you win or not, remember: what you lose on the swings you get back on the roundabouts.

可能你会是赢家或冠军队员。可能你会输... 没关系,无论输赢,你会知道:失之东隅,收之桑榆。

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Last updated: Jan 23rd, 2020
Submitted: May 28th, 2018
  • Mainnet contract (Ethereum)

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  • Kovan contract (Ethereum)

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  • Ropsten contract (Ethereum)

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  • Rinkeby contract (Ethereum)

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