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ActnEarn - Monetize your social media influence with ActnEarn

ActnEarn helps aggregates different set of resources from many people for a common cause/action. The contributors are rewraded if an action is taken. Therefore, we call it proof of action (POA).

We observe that adoption of crypto dapps and projects is still very low as one can check at State of the Dapps. Except few dapps almost all dapps have less than 1000 users. However good may be the technology and concept but without users using them -the value will not be realized. And adoption will come from when these projects are visible but users are on conventional social media platforms.

Therefore, our immediate objective is to build a network of micro-influencers, who are active on conventional social media platforms like twitter, facebook, youtube etc. These influencers will be incentivised by our actnearn tokens to use their influence and promote crypto projects to their network. For doing that they will earn actnearn rewards. And dapp owners will buy their influence by rewarding them.

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Last updated: Jun 5th, 2019
Submitted: Jun 5th, 2019
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