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alias.earth - Open source identity platform

alias.earth allows users to create an alias on the blockchain thats managed by their Ethereum address. We are building tools and enlisting developers to help reclaim the Internet. Your digital identity—the unique online presence that is “you”—is increasingly managed and monetized by a small group of massive corporations. (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Etc...). As the Internet has expanded to take on greater social and economic significance, so has the problem of fake accounts, social media manipulation, censorship, and the aggressive monetization of personal data. Each person's virtual presence and everything they create is treated like a product to be bought and sold according to the cold money-making logic of this centralized paradigm. We have to do something to change up the structure, and the first step is taking back the identity infrastructure of the Internet so that users are not tied to any platform.

Status: Beta


Stuart Bowman

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Last updated: May 5th, 2019
Submitted: May 5th, 2019
  • Mainnet contract (Ethereum)

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