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  • Issue any types of assets and add it to cryptocurrency exchanges

Ambisafe is global capital markets and blockchain infrastructure provider. Our vision is to make financial markets universally accessible.

Ambisafe’s founder, Andrii Zamovskiy, has been at the forefront of financial innovation since 2008 when he began to design alternative financial systems (prior to the launch of Bitcoin).

Andrii began to work on his first cryptocurrency. After launching several exchanges, multi-currency wallet, and merchant service Andrii has formed Ambisafe. Since formation in 2015 Ambisafe has provided the technological infrastructure for more than 50 tokens (https://explorer.ambisafe.co/#/assets) . Allowing them to build their platforms, connect with over 250,000 contributors and raise more than $300M in the capital.

In 2017, Ambisafe launched Orderbook, the first decentralized trading platform to enable the sale of a cryptocurrency. Orderbook provides KYC, AML and investor accreditation, allowing security tokens to use the infrastructure for primary issuance. The platform also functions as a fully decentralized trading platform for secondary trading of tokens.

Our team is renowned for its technical and financial process. We saved money during the Parity wallet hack and have reported security vulnerabilities in some of the top exchanges. Combined our team has over 40 years of blockchain experience and 20 years of capital markets expertise in US markets.

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