• Anti-Gravity

  • Token trading with a jackpot feature
Anti-Gravity - Token trading with a jackpot feature

The Ethereum game that features token trading with a NEW jackpot feature which encourages the contract value to increase over time.

Anti-Gravity features LIFT tokens which are purchased using Ethereum cryptocurrency. LIFT token
holders collect dividends which are produced every time players Buy and Sell Lift tokens.

The Anti-Gravity Jackpot is fed by a portion of each Buy and Sell of LIFT tokens. The Jackpot is
won by each player that pushes the contract ethereum balance past the jackpot target. The player's
dividends account is credited with the jackpot amount and the jackpot target is increased for the next round.

Anti-Gravity was created by Cryptobotics. LIFT tokens will be used for future Ethereum games.

Cryptobotics has a line-up of other Ethereum projects scheduled for release.

Status: Live



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Last updated: Nov 8th, 2018
Submitted: Nov 8th, 2018
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