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  • The best user experience tool for DEX traders
Arken Finance - The best user experience tool for DEX traders

In the crypto space where timing is key – real-time information decides who is going to win. Arken offers the best-in-class tool for decentralized exchange (DEX) traders to track the movements of thousands of tokens and synthetic assets and forecast the market movement before it moves. ARKEN aggregates multiple DEXs into a single platform and tackles the principal vulnerability of today's DEXs: significant slippage, non-real-time information, and the lack of market indicators. Our tool incorporates real-time trading view across multiple DEXs, offer users a single point of entry for managing digital assets with ease, and can be customized with over 160+ different technical indicators and unique specialty charts for the advanced trader.

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Arken Finance

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Last updated: Mar 9th, 2022
Submitted: Aug 30th, 2021

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