• Baked Waffles

  • The BNB Reward Pool with the tastiest daily return

What is Baked Waffles?
What is Baked Wafels?

Baked Wafels is a fun spin on the Token Miner meta. It's a simple smart contract which acts as a BNB reward pool, returning 8%* of your BNB in the pool on a daily basis, every day as long as there is still BNB in the reward pool! Users can choose to eat their waffles (take their BNB rewards) or re-bake their Waffles (compound earned BNB rewards) as they accumulate.

Just bake your Waffles, have fun and enjoy your Wafel rewards as they bake!

The Contract

The BNB Miner contract is verified, open source, immutable, trustworthy and is visible on the BSC block explorer

Status: Live



Software license

Unknown license

Last updated: Apr 17th, 2022
Submitted: Apr 17th, 2022
  • Mainnet contract (BSC)

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