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BLAGO - Meta space

A decentralized network created and managed by its community, which builds an absolutely decentralized system, analyzes, takes into account and rationally distributes all trade and money transactions, effectively builds social ties, securely stores personal information, safely improves life by creating and closing any needs for the benefit of everyone and everyone .

Key features:

  1. A safe place to store personal data, passwords, files, any information.
  2. Records and manages financial transactions and valuable assets.
  3. Decentralizes Internet services, social networks, instant messengers, banking operations, control and voting systems
  4. Creates and fulfills needs through effective financial management and assistance from community members.
  5. Adds trusted people to the community, giving them equal rights

Using the most advanced technologies DApps, IPFS, DNS, as well as popular centralized services from tor, telegram, google, apple, we have created an efficient decentralized

Status: WIP


Roman Maloev

Software license


Last updated: Mar 29th, 2022
Submitted: Mar 29th, 2022
  • Mainnet contract (BSC)

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