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  • Send as many token transfers as you wish
bulktokensending - Send as many token transfers as you wish

The first problem:
Previously in Ethereum Network, additional tools were required in order to transfer many ERC20 tokens at once. Many people still do this manually, one transaction at a time. This process is time consuming and prone to an error.

The first solution:
This Dapp allows a user to send thousands of token transfers in a very efficient way by batching them in groups of 145 token transfers per Ethereum transaction. This automation saves time by automatically generating transactions to MetaMask. Finally, this tool allows a user to maintain security of their account by delegating the trust of their private keys to a secure MetaMask wallet. Send Ethereum tokens in the bulk operation mode.
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Last updated: Mar 9th, 2019
Submitted: Mar 9th, 2019

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