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  • Bulltron Smart contract is a computerized
Bulltron - Bulltron Smart contract is a computerized

Bulltron Smart contract is a computerized transaction protocol that automatically implements its terms. A smart contract is the same as a common contract, they all define the terms and rules related to the participants. Once the contract is started, it can run in the way it is designed.

High Availability-Trusted network structure, user assets, intrinsic value and high level of decentralized consensus comes with an improved reward distribution mechanism DPOS Consensus-TRX Network uses democratic voting to create a governance structure for community autonomy To achieve.

Status: Live


First-Ever Public Tron based Smart Contract.

Software license

Unknown license

Last updated: Feb 5th, 2021
Submitted: Feb 5th, 2021

Active users ?

  • Daily 17
  • Weekly 814
  • Monthly 9,531


  • 1 day 189
  • 7 days 15,760
  • 30 days 64,651

Volume (TRX)

  • 1 day 173,186.53
  • 7 days 1,998,335.52
  • 30 days 74,604,810.77
  • Mainnet contract (TRON)

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