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  • Next generation social and communication platform
Busy - Next generation social and communication platform

Next generation social network and communication platform. Post and upvote posts.

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Last updated: Apr 17th, 2020
Submitted: Dec 16th, 2018

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Critic Reviews

  • Busy.org: Share content and get rewarded

    The different social media dapps on the various blockhain has helped to increase competitions and also bring about decentralization. I have seen a user who was banned on steemit.com platform, but does that stop him from accessing the steem block chain, the answer is #No. He can easily make use of other decentralized dapps on the steem blockchain. I have seen people mistaking #steemit.com for #steem, they are different. #Steemit.com is a decentralized blogging platform while #steem is the blockchain which steemit.com, esteem, busy.org etc was built upon.

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  • Busy: The Most Reliable Steemit Browser

    Among the great number of Dapps and projects that features The State Of Dapps, It is one that stands out above the rest. That's why I decided to dedicate some lines to write about the web platform I use everyday to blog and do my social activities; The one, only and always Busy.

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  • Busy.org, earn by being social

    Busy.org is a decentralized dapp built on the steem blockchain which mimics activities carried out on steemit.com but with more options and added features. Busy.org was built to give users a futuristic feel of how a modern social platform is supposed to act and interact with its users, with sophisticated tools, users now have more options to manage a steem based account.

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  • Busy.org - have you heard about this social DApp before?

    Busy.org is the next generation social network and communication platform, designed for people to write and publish posts in Steem so the community members can upvote each other, which results in rewards with Steem or sbd coins. If you have never tried Busy.org before, I bet you will have a very great experience because it was designed in that way. Busy.org interface is designed very carefully, in a way that people will love visuals at first sight. Visuals of the main page are prepared carefully. Which may turn a visitor for the first time, to a repeating one.

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