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CanWork - Freelance Marketplace for Digital Services

No middlemen. No fees on quality digital freelancers.

CanWork is a freelance marketplace Dapp for digital services such as software engineers, graphic designers, content writers, marketers & virtual assistants.

CanWork takes no fees on jobs.
Freelancers pay only 1% on payment remittance.

No counterparty risk!
Payments are pre-charged upfront into a smart contract that protects all parties. The community run DAO is there to help with disputes.

Why book a CanWork Freelancer?
If hard working freelancers lose 30% of their job’s value to fees, the model is broken. CanWork is built to have no platform fees! This means more money for your freelancer of choice and cheaper rates for you & your project.

Why use CanWork as a freelancer?
Want to make up to 30% more money for your freelance work? Or offer cheaper rates to your clients? Start bringing your clients to CanWork so you earn & work without third parties profitting of YOU!

Now accepting CREDIT CARDS, Ethereum & tokens.

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Last updated: Jun 3rd, 2019
Submitted: Aug 3rd, 2018

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