• Cats in Mechs

  • The Milk Ring Conspiracy

What does every self-respecting alley cat needs to protect themselves? A 50-ton Stompy Mech armed with the latest cat box clump catapults will get you where you're going. Arm yourself with laser emitting Disco Missles from Rave industries to really get the furr flying, and don't forget to bring enough ginger-milk for everyone.

Status: Live


Mega World Studios

Software license

Unknown license

Last updated: Sep 23rd, 2019
Submitted: Sep 23rd, 2019

Critic Reviews

  • Is this the “Real” Crypto Kitties? 😼

    Cats in Mechs (previously titled Omegatech: Aspen’s Story) is an overhead-scrolling action game in development from Megaworld Studios. It features Enjin-backed collectible characters and vehicles. It is a mobile game and is planned to be released for both Android and iOS.

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