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  • Cent is the income-generating social network
Cent - Cent is the income-generating social network

The income-generating social network, enabling anyone to earn money by sharing their wisdom and creativity. Built on Ethereum.

Status: Beta


Max Brody, Cameron Hejazi

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Last updated: Feb 25th, 2019
Submitted: Aug 28th, 2017

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Critic Reviews

  • A Social Media Based on The Ethereum Blockchain

    The DApp that caught my eye was CENT, their slogan, "earn income anywhere". In this vlog I give an honest review of this fairly new Blockchain based Social media. The main thing that got me to try this DApp was the fact that I did not need Metamask to sign in. That was the biggest thing stopping me from trying Ethereum based DApps.

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  • Cent - income-generating social network.

    Recently, most upcoming social networks started monetizing the system which certainly has been working well for some and quite bad or others, both on the centralized and decentralized network, now a battle of who has the best marketing system, great UI/UX and fast tech, which in the terms of competition spirit brings us to the review of today, a competitive dapp when it comes to social network platforms, Cent

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  • My Review of CENT - Ethereum powered Social Network

    Hey Guys, Do check out this new social network called CENT.CO which I found on the StateOfTheDapps. Its currently ranked 99 of the most active dapps.

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  • CENT: content-base incentivized network

    Cent is a social media content-base incentivized network that is built on Ethereum blockchain which is base on proof of creativity and perspective.

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    Now thanks to the blockchain, the shift from centralization to decentralization and the total revamp of the existing imbalance in content reward system can be realised. One of the platforms putting all this theory to practice is the CENT social media platform.

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