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  • Cent is the income-generating social network
Cent - Cent is the income-generating social network

The income-generating social network, enabling anyone to earn money by sharing their wisdom and creativity. Built on Ethereum.

Status: Beta


Max Brody, Cameron Hejazi

Software license


Last updated: Feb 25th, 2019
Submitted: Aug 28th, 2017

Active users ?

  • Daily 10
  • Weekly 33
  • Monthly 103


  • 1 day 13
  • 7 days 60
  • 30 days 249

Volume (ETH)

  • 1 day 3.739
  • 7 days 5.843
  • 30 days 15.54
  • Mainnet contract (Ethereum)

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Critic Reviews

  • Knowing Cent: monetizing your web using blockchain technology - Dapp review

    The technological progress that we witness every day in all the areas of our daily life, has a direct implication in the way of acting and behaving of human beings, in fact, the main gap between generations comes, mainly, from their particular way of interacting with the technology of the moment. For something, the so-called generation X, made up of people born between the 60s and 80s, even when they witness the birth of the internet and .com, it is quite normal for this generation to show certain insecurity when accepting technological advances, for example the blockchain economy.

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