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Chardswap - DEX | Farming | Lottery | NFTs | Bet games

Chardswap is a DApp, a decentralized application, a software that runs inside
the blockchain, which, like the principle of cryptocurrencies, is completely
The programming language called Solidity was used, a language that was
developed by Gavin Wood, and widely used by Vitalik Buterin, creator of the
Ethereum network, but other networks such as Binance Smart Chain, the initial
network used by Chardswap, makes use of this technology.
The option for the Binance Smart Chain, in this first phase, is due to the low cost
of performing the functions of the smart contracts, but it is already planned that in
the future operations will also take place on the Ethereum network.

Status: Concept


Anderson Simioni Assunção, Said Fernando Gonçalves Filho, Filipe Gabriel Delmonego

Software license


Last updated: Mar 18th, 2022
Submitted: Mar 18th, 2022
  • Mainnet contracts (BSC)

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