• Clash of Coins

  • MMORTS up to 100,000 players.

Clash of Coins is the first blockchain-based MMORTS with support for up to 100,000 players.

For years now the world of cryptocurrency has been debating which coin is the best is and which is the future of cryptocurrency.
We'd like to offer our perspective on this debate.
That's why we've created the largest browser-based map in history, and we're going to use it to wage a decisive battle for worldwide crypto-domination.
Let's test the strength of your community!

  • Unite
    Team up with like-minded players to fight beneath the banners of real coins

  • Conquer
    Take part in massive battles and conquer entire countries

  • Get Crypto
    Every 24 hours the best clans are rewarded with real cryptocurrency

Status: Live



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Last updated: Nov 7th, 2020
Submitted: Nov 7th, 2020
  • Mainnet contracts (Ethereum)

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