• Coin League

  • The on-chain crypto price prediction game!
Coin League - The on-chain crypto price prediction game!

Users will be able to compete with each other by predicting the prices of the best positioned cryptocurrencies in the market. either in a bullish or bearish market, for certain time intervals that give each race extra passion. The game also uses Chainlink's Oracles for accurate and anti-tamper prices in real time.
Through utilitarian NFTs, users will be able to multiply their chances of winning by boosting their capitan coin within the rooms duly established for it.
It should be noted that in this game users do not have to buy any membership or plan. The user only have to pay the entry fee and, if they win one of the prize positions, the prize amount in BNB or MATIC will be automatically sent to their wallet.
This game is the perfect training for traders for measuring risks and understanding the trends of crypto markets.

Status: Beta


João Campos, DEXKIT

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Last updated: Feb 15th, 2022
Submitted: Feb 15th, 2022

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