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  • Cometh is a DeFi game with yield generating NFT
Cometh - Cometh is a DeFi game with yield generating NFT

Cometh is a game: as a player you control spaceships (sometimes called astrominers) orbiting around giant stars and your goal is to position yourself close to the asteroids (smart asteroids) passing by. When you are close enough, you mine tokens from that asteroid. In order to better position yourself, as spaceship can be pulled towards other spaceships by paying a fee to them. You can also play around with the fee you are asking and try to leverage your strategic position in outer space.

What are smart asteroids?

Smart asteroids are smart contracts representing asteroids in the game. In compliance to Kepler’s 1st law, the smart asteroids have an elliptical trajectory around the star. The parameters of the trajectory of a smart asteroid are drawn at random from the block hash in which the asteroid appears.

How are smart asteroids generated?

The creation of new smart asteroids is a decentralized process left to the Cometh Generator. The Cometh Generator is a smart contract that can

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Jerome De Tychey

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