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  • Scalable wallets, dApps, and protocols.
Connext Network - Scalable wallets, dApps, and protocols.

Connext is an infrastructure layer that scales the Ethereum blockchain. Developers that integrate support for Connext can enable instant, low cost Ethereum transactions in their wallets, browsers, and applications!

Connext scales Ethereum using state channels. With Connext, users are able to batch many Ethereum transactions into one netted transfer by using signed off-blockchain commitments rather than direct on-blockchain transactions.

Connext's technology is simple to integrate, extensible for many use-cases, interoperable with other infrastructure, and ready for use in production environments.

Connext builds on an ecosystem of standards, libraries, and best practices such as the Counterfactual framework and the Dai Stablecoin.

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Last updated: Jul 25th, 2019
Submitted: Nov 27th, 2018

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