• Trading card game
CONTRACT SERVANT - Trading card game

We decided to Schedule for launch.
2019 12/16 3pm Japan(6am UTC)
2019 12/18 3pm Japan(6am UTC)

■Gather Servants
The Servants available on the MARKET hold countless mysteries.
Unlock those mysteries and select the perfect Servant!

■Create New Servants
Try blending two Servants to create entirely-new types of Servants of your own!

■Build the Ultimate Deck
Assemble a carefully-balanced deck of eight cards from around or over 1 trillion, 254.4 billion possible Servants!
▼△▼ Presales Dec 18th ▼△▼
Presale for limited time!Let's get a beautiful limited servant that can only be obtained here!
Limited servant is a servant token with special skills that has limited issue count.
※ I will sell it in the Dutch auction format gradually decreasing from the decided price.
■Presale Advantages
① You can purchase a limited servant of presale.
② Limited servants can be purchased at prices that are affordable even for light users.
③A limited servant has powerful special skill

Status: Live


Axel Mark.inc

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Last updated: Jan 2nd, 2020
Submitted: Aug 28th, 2019

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