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Creepts - Tower Defense Tournament

Creepts is the world’s first decentralized tower defense tournament game running on Linux. It is built on top of Cartesi’s Layer 2 solution for blockchains, which is available as an open-source software stack that is under active development. Currently, Creepts is playable on the Rinkeby Ethereum testnet.

In Creepts, players compete against each other to see who can claim the highest score in a fully-featured, real-time, browser-based Tower Defense game map. Players join a tournament by committing their high-scores and game moves to the blockchain, at a negligible cost. The game’s smart contracts then decide who the winner of the tournament is.

Status: Beta



Software license

GPL 3.0, Apache 2.0

Last updated: Feb 17th, 2020
Submitted: Feb 17th, 2020

Development activity?

65 events  -20.73% (30d)

190 events (90d)

  • Rinkeby contracts (Ethereum)

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