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Unique collectible cars with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. They are made and recorded with contracts on Opensea.io with ERC-721 standard. Thats tech talk for this stuff is rad. Why you say? Because new blockchain technology powered by Ethereum allows code to be ran in the open with multiple computers accessing the network. Why is this rad? Traditionally, code is written and performed by a single computer on a closed network. So you really needed to trust that single computer. Blockchain technology allows computer code to be accessed and written in an open space, where all computers and participants can see and interact. This is pretty cool and dramatically changes the game of how computer coding will work in the future. It also has tons of amazing capabilities in its use functions, and expands our capabilities in ways that were never before fathomed. Crypto-Cars is the result of an art project based on the Ethereum Blockchain, inspired by my son's fas

Status: Live


Jake Johns, cryptoarts.org

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Last updated: Sep 3rd, 2019
Submitted: Sep 3rd, 2019

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