• CryptoBooky

  • Create and place custom bets!
CryptoBooky - Create and place custom bets!

CryptoBooky enables you to create simple bets and invite others to join your bet though a clipboard link.

You can also become a booth owner and get the ability to be a betting escrow and earn on offering interesting bets.

CryptoBooky also includes a jackpot as well as reputation system using its own tokens.

Since this is work in progress here a little further information:

Current development is on the Ropsten network.

In order to use the dapp, you will need Firefox/Chrome with MetaMask or any other compatible app being logged into the Ropsten Network. You also might need to get free test-eth from the Ropsten faucets available on the internet.

The dapp itself will be open source (MIT) and the current client is a reference implementation for the smart contracts in use.

The dapp does not require any oracles or 3rd party server-side tools to run as it is intended to be hostable anywhere with a minimum setup.

Status: WIP



Software license


Last updated: Feb 21st, 2020
Submitted: Feb 21st, 2020
  • Ropsten contracts (Ethereum)

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