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  • Claim a space anywhere on earth
CryptoCarto - Claim a space anywhere on earth

With CryptoCarto, claim a space anywhere on earth using blockchain technology.

CryptoCarto is a digital experience: a world map where you can easily claim any spot on earth: just click on the world map, and an ERC-721 token is minted for you to get full digital property over it - you can also attach a small message to it! It is a nice way to discover interesting spots, and share your experiences with your friends and anyone in the world.

More features are on the roadmap: pin explorer, rewards, leaderboards, graphic overlays and new game mechanics will be progressively added.

The app is specifically designed to remove classic user-frictions of blockchain applications: there is no need to register or to create a blockchain wallet. With its fast blocktime and low transaction fee structure, Klaytn is the natural partner blockchain of the project. CryptoCarto was also awarded a price in Klaytn Horizon dev competition.

Check the app today at cryptocarto.xyz !

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Last updated: Mar 10th, 2020
Submitted: Dec 16th, 2019

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