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  • Conquer Europe and rule Rome
CryptoRome - Conquer Europe and rule Rome

In CryptoRome, you build your empire from the ground up, all starting with a single (free) plot of land. Strategy, politics and strength are the building blocks for turning a plot of land into an empire.

  • The Ethereum blockchain is our foundation. This means that every piece of land, its resources and other assets you purchase in the game are unique and owned by you. It cannot be taken by others players unless you decide to sell it.

  • Grow your assets: Build on and improve your land, increase resource production and enhance its value. As you increase the value of your land, you can choose to sell your land (and its assets) directly in our Marketplace to other players. Track your land's Estimated Annual GDP which represents the annualized value of items produced on your land using real-time market value of those items.

  • It’s competitive: Within the game, players build their land, strengthen their army, conquer European lands and rise in power. Players wage daily battles to earn the titles of Caesar or one of four senators. Winning is fairly straightforward - the army that holds the most land wins those titles; but there are many paths you can take on your way to power and many ways to deceive your opponents. Not strong enough to win Caesar on your own? Join an alliance, or farm a much needed or rare resource to sell in the market to grow in power.

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Last updated: Nov 30th, 2018
Submitted: Aug 6th, 2018

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