• Dai Card

  • Transact instantly, cheaply, and securely in Dai
Dai Card - Transact instantly, cheaply, and securely in Dai

The Dai Card application, a simple browser-hosted wallet, allows users to transact instantly, cheaply, and securely in Dai.

Similar to a physical debit card, users “top up” their Dai Card balance by depositing Eth (or Dai) directly to their Dai Card address, which gets instantly swapped into Dai and represented as USD in-channel. Users can withdraw their funds directly into Eth without needing to pay gas, dramatically simplifying the “cash out” experience.

Because the Dai Card runs on the Ethereum mainnet in payment channels, user funds are always self-custodied and can be exited regardless of the hub’s availability. Integrating Connext’s system into custom applications is also simple, requiring only a basic knowledge of Javascript.

Status: Live


Connext Network

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Last updated: Mar 18th, 2019
Submitted: Mar 18th, 2019
  • Mainnet contract (Ethereum)

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Critic Reviews

  • Dai Card - Revolutionizing Transactions on Ethereum Network with Almost Zero cost

    Dai Card is a non-custodial browser-hosted wallet for making low cost and instant micro payments over Ethereum blockchain. With Dai card, you can make instant offchain, trust-minimized DAI payments to anyone who is connected on its hub. Currently, you can deposit a maximum of $30 in ETH or DAI and use this amount to make instant and secure payments to anyone. To differentiate with various wallets, it's called a Card as it functions like a debit card which can be topped up with balance that can be spent anywhere.

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