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DApp-World - DApp marketplace, sell your DApp

DApp-World is world's first decentralized marketplace where developers can post their DApps for sell. This platform is built on Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contract functionality - which is immutable and hack-proof by nature.

Developers just need to register and upload their DApp on DApp-World - thats it! The DApp will be listed for sell & we take care of bringing you customers. Developers can upload any number of DApps. Uploading DApps is totally free of cost.

The developer can redeem earned Ethereum after every sell from User Dashboard. The earned share of the dapp remains safe in smart contract until the DApp owner redeems it.

DApp-World has the most secure payment environment for buying/selling DApps, so buyer can buy DApps without worrying about security concerns. Once the transaction is done, the DApp can be downloaded any number of times from User Dashboard.

Apart from buying and selling of DApps, DApp-World provides free tutorials and freebies for the blockchain enth

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Last updated: Jul 14th, 2020
Submitted: Jul 14th, 2020

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