• Incentivized advertisement platform by Proof of Click
DCLICK - Incentivized advertisement platform by Proof of Click

DCLICK is a project aimed to connect Creators and Advertisers. Creators can include an advertisement in their content and receive the rewards based on content clicks. Advertisers can promote their own content in DCLICK as well with almost no charge. DCLICK is different from other advertisement platforms because the content producers receive more rewards compared to those platforms, and advertisers can promote their brand almost free of charge thanks to the use of Steem's token economy.

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Last updated: Feb 25th, 2019
Submitted: Dec 16th, 2018
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Critic Reviews

  • Dclick introduces a new way to generate revenue on the internet.

    In this era of the internet, when people talk about advertising, almost every time they’re probably referring to online advertising. Online advertising has been proven to be extremely profitable both for small and large businesses. Reports indicate that around 95% of Google’s revenue comes from online advertising. That’s saying something! The average person is served over 1,700 banner ads per month but only half of them are ever viewed. It has become a norm to advertise online, check out advertisements online, and even make most purchases online. For years Google and Facebook have been dominating the advertisement space whereas users from platforms like Steemit have not been able to monetize their blogs without sharing them to other blogs outside Steemit.

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  • DCLICK - An Incentivised advertisement platform by proof of click.(Dapp Video Review)

    Check out the video below

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  • Top media dapps of 2019 - Dclick

    Welcome to another post in the top 2019 media dapps series. If you’ve been following my post, you’ll notice that my recent posts have been on this topic. This post is no exception, and it will focus on an awesome platform known as decentralize click popularly known as dclick.

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  • Review a Media DApp & Earn Rewards ft. State Of The DApps! Dclick Review by @ajks

    I hope every one of you are doing great and also every one of you are fine. Today I will discuss a method for Marketing or Promotion of our product or services . In this blog segment I'm INTRODUCING DCLICK AN INCENTIVIZED AD PLATFORM BY PROOF OF CLICK.

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  • DClick: An Incentivized Ad Platform by Proof of Click | Media DApp Review

    Advertisement placement is one of the most effective ways of monetizing a website or blog. In this, big business enterprises contact blog owners in order to advertise their products or services on their blog over an agreement which in turn brings in decent income for the publishers weekly, monthly or yearly based on the contract. Nowadays, only few of big initiatives contact blog owners (content creators). Most of them now prefer using reputable ad serving platforms. Those that are still meeting with publishers directly only connect with massive blogs that command millions readers monthly.

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