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  • Poll application to get feedbacks
dPoll - Poll application to get feedbacks

dPoll allows you to get instant feedback from an active user base.

Status: Beta



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Last updated: Mar 22nd, 2020
Submitted: Dec 18th, 2018
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Critic Reviews

  • Get the Opinion and Thoughts of Others Through Dpoll

    Dpoll is a decentralized platform that allows its users to create polls (opinion polls) and get feedback from their communities. This article will be a review of this amazing social decision-making platform. Do you have a question in mind? Are you in a twist and don’t know who’s the best fit for a particular position? With Dpoll, you can engage your community and have them share their opinion with you.

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  • Top media dapps of 2019 - dpoll

    It’s good to be back with another review. If you have been following my timeline, you will agree with me that all my recent post has been about different projects that can make life easier for mankind. This post is not an exception, and I will review some dapp that can help make our lives much easier. This post will look at a dapp called dpoll. Life constantly presents us with options; Selecting the right one has not always been an easy task. A lot of us had one time in the past choose the wrong option. As humans, we don’t know it all. It is good to ask other people for their opinions. Having a community that’s interested in your growth is a blessing but been able to give this community an opportunity to contribute their own opinion to your question is even better. This has become possible with the help of a dapp called dpoll.

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  • "Dpoll" - STEEM polling Dapp review // ft. StateOfTheDapps

    Another day, another review. This time we will be touching upon a dapp with a very simple premise. There is nothing complicated about using this dapp and there is no complex learning curve involved.

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