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  • 1% daily up to 365% APY DEFI Ecosystem
Drip Network - 1% daily up to 365% APY DEFI Ecosystem

DRIP is the first ever deflationary daily ROI platform. It pays out the daily ROI from funds sent to a vault through a tax on transactions, with some exceptions including buying on our native DEX. When someone sends DRIP to the primary staking contract (Faucet) their principal is locked and they are paid out 1% of this principal up until 365%. Currently 80% of our total supply is removed from circulation and locked in this faucet contract! This 80% of the supply is what is used to pay out the daily ROI, instead of inflation like all other daily ROI platforms

DRIP has a full team referral system that allows a staker to earn rewards both from their downlines and uplines, but in a fair and sustainable way. It uses a round robin system to ensure only one person in the upline is rewarded per positive action and the rewards is the same no matter where you are in the upline There is also a cap on how large a users downline can be. This is different from all other team referral structures which all have a major power imbalance with higher commission payouts as you get further upline and with all of the capital being funneled up to the top. In fact if a user has 5 or more direct referrals they are considered a team wallet and 25% of their bonus is shared with their downline. The team building system is agnostic as to when users get in so a new user to join a team has the same bonus if not 25% larger than those who got in before them and have built larger teams. The fact that downlines have a cap, everyone has the opportunity to be the leader of their own team.

We set out to create the most fair, best performing and most sustainable daily ROI platform. This is what the core DRIP contracts do. We then use partnerships and secondary contracts to provide utility for the DRIP token. Please join the DRIP telegram group to learn more about our platform and the opportunities we offer!

Status: Live


ForexShark ( R34P DAO )

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Last updated: Nov 22nd, 2021
Submitted: Nov 22nd, 2021
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