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  • Sound Platform for audio discovery and monetization
DSound - Sound Platform for audio discovery and monetization

DSound is a decentralized platform, that allows anyone to upload, listen and discover music and other sounds stored on top of the IPFS Network. It uses blockchain as a persistent database, so by posting their sounds the authors can earn rewards in cryptocurrency, when other users like their content, which can be exchanged easily to US Dollars, Euros or any other currency, with a look and feel very similar to Soundcloud.

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Last updated: Apr 13th, 2020
Submitted: Dec 17th, 2018
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Critic Reviews

  • DSound, your voice is worth something

    DSound is media Dapp built on the steem blockchain which allows its users to monetize their voice. Using blockchain technology, it offers free censorship resistance.

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  • DSound | Sounds all over the World [ DAppsLovers Review]

    Since the advent of MP3 technology, developed by German scientists in 1986 and patented in 1995, access to music changed radically, its greatest advantage was to reduce 10 times the size of files. Our favorite songs went from being in the hands of the music industry to being in ours through a simple download to our computer.

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  • Reviewing @dsound for @oracle-d

    Dsound application is a platform for decentralized audio built on steem blockchain.

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  • Dsound DApp Review - How to earn more money as an Indie Artiste

    Today I am uploading a new demo track to dsound while reviewing it. I have been using Dsound for about a year and today I will be sharing my honest opinion

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    Knowing fully well that as an artist, there is reward for your content is something that really gladdens the heart. This is not the first platform offering such opportunity. #Soundcloud did it first, but the issue with them is that they are not #decentralized and it lacks #censorship. These days, everybody wants a free and fair system, a platform were they can air their view, a system where they are free like a bird.

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