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  • Video sharing with respect for its users
DTube - Video sharing with respect for its users

DTube is a video sharing platform that respects users with no tracking, no data collection, no censorship and no ads.
The community votes to rank videos, self moderate and earn cryptocurrency incentives

Status: Live


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Last updated: Feb 25th, 2019
Submitted: Nov 20th, 2018

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153 events  +106.76% (30d)

280 events (90d)

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  • Daily 238
  • Weekly 805
  • Monthly 2,061


  • 1 day 427
  • 7 days 2,675
  • 30 days 11,505
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Critic Reviews

  • DTube - A review of the first video sharing platform on the blockchain

    At such a scorching time when both Vloggers and growing YouTubers are getting a bumpy ride, personally, I consider DTube to be just the best place for certain individuals who are having a hard time finding their way on YouTube. For the record, YouTube started off the year 2018 by modifying its monetization scheme.

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