• E2D Game

  • A fork of POWH 3D, drawing dividends from 200eth

Warning: Don't fall for Ponzi schemes and other (pyramid) investment frauds. These scams involve paying longer-standing members with money from new participants, instead of actual profits from investing or selling products / services to the public. This cannot be sustained and will always collapse eventually. Protect yourself and your money by steering clear of any "opportunity" bearing warning signs of a Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

E2D Game - A fork of POWH 3D, drawing dividends from 200eth

The E2D Game is the exchange of 200eth.com where coin holders will obtain dividends from the volume of games ie. 200eth and of the exchange's volume itself. Liquidity is 100% as buy and sells are interacted with the contract itself.

Each coin purchased and sold are deducted a % where it is distributed to all remaining coin holders, thus encouraging staking of the E2D coin. Each coin holders will also receive % of dividends from connected games (currently the 200eth game) based on the share of coins versus total minted coins.

In short, the moment when you purchase the E2D coin, you will start earning Ethereum based on your share from connected games and the buy/sell of coin holders after your purchase.

A fork of POWH 3D game. Credits to the team.

Status: Live


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Last updated: Feb 15th, 2019
Submitted: Feb 15th, 2019

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