• Hatch and Grow Monsters from World Tree!
EGGRYPTO - Hatch and Grow Monsters from World Tree!

Hatch and Grow monsters from World Tree! Make the strongest monster collection! In the mysterious world protected by World Tree, monsters arise from World Tree. Collect and train monsters to build the strongest team of your own! ■Chance to get rare monsters every day! You can get new monsters by hatching eggs produced by a mini world tree. Very rarely, you can get rare monsters called Raremon. The amount of Raremon is hard capped and immutable on blockchain. ■Explore the adventure of EGGRYPTO in Quest! In Quest, you make a party with monsters and battle with enemy monsters. You can get better reward including EXP, Gold and Monsters in the more difficult quests. ■Aim for the top of World Tree faster than other players! In the World Tree quest, players compete based on the level where they can climb up the world tree. ■Buy and get your own special monsters in Monster Sale! You can get very special NFT Raremons only available in the limited sale. ■ Coming Soon! - PvP Battle: You can play

Status: Live


Kyuzan Inc. & GameWith

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Last updated: Apr 30th, 2020
Submitted: Apr 30th, 2020
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