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The EtherHolders platform is located on the blockchain Ethereum network, absolutely safe for investments, no one except you can access your ETH.

The platform has no owner and no administrator wallet. The contract "EH" created on the Ehereum network cannot be changed by anyone or anything with your assets.
The creators are involved in the project as ordinary investors. Is this not the best proof of its reliability?
The system does not provide for the daily payment of interest to the depositor, as is the case in most projects.
In fact, you are not a contributor, namely an investor who purchases shares of EtherHolders - "EH".

How does it work:
You at any time have the opportunity to return at least half of the contribution, the second half is distributed to all shareholders in the form of dividends in ETH, in proportion to the number of shares acquired. Plus, the system is arranged in such a way that with each purchase of a stock, its value grows, which in turn gives ad

Status: Live


EtherHolders, HoldInvest

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Last updated: Nov 17th, 2018
Submitted: Nov 17th, 2018
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