• Ember Sword

  • A free-to-play browser-based sandbox MMORPG
Ember Sword - A free-to-play browser-based sandbox MMORPG

Ember Sword is a free to play, modern, and truly player-driven Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game with a real economy powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

Players acquire tokenized cosmetics through gameplay (PvP / PvE), which they trade & sell for PIXEL Tokens, and those who invest in LAND to become Landowners evolve the world by placing resources, monsters, NPCs etc, (which all players can access) and can turn a profit by creating services and experiences, like vendor marketplaces where other players buy in-game subscriptions, access auctions, and more.

Whether you're a peaceful forager of goods and rares making a name for yourself or a fierce warrior of no alignment, there is a place for you here - a place where peace and war is chosen by the players themselves. A place built by you.

Status: Prototype


Bright Star Studios

Software license


Last updated: Jul 20th, 2020
Submitted: Dec 25th, 2018

Critic Reviews

  • Ember Sword: Gorgeous Graphics, but Long Wait

    Ember Sword is a blockchain-based MMORPG being developed by So Couch Studios. The developers claim that Ember Sword will let players collect cosmetic items that they will truly own and can trade among each other.

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