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EOS Gift Card - Gift EOS to somebody you love!

EOS Gift Card is a service, which allows you to easily create new EOS accounts for friends, family or co-workers in form of downloadable PDF files, e.g. as a birthday present or to introduce somebody you love to the blockchain ecosystem. The accounts are fully pre-configured with the required CPU, NET and RAM resources!

A new EOS account must be created by another EOS user, who needs to stake CPU/NET resources and pay for the new account's initial RAM storage. This can take lots of time and is a very technical process. EOS Gift Card allows you to quickly create a new account with just the click of a button. It will generate a PDF file for you, containing all relevant information like access keys, trusted wallets, popular dApps and helps with getting started with EOS.

Status: Live



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MIT (smart contract)

Last updated: Mar 11th, 2019
Submitted: Mar 11th, 2019
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