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  • The community owned block producer and DAC enabler
eosDAC - The community owned block producer and DAC enabler

At eosDAC we value openness and transparency.
As an autonomous community, our operations are visible and reproducible on the blockchain.

eosDAC is a community of EOSDAC token holders bonded together via a constitution to realize the vision of making block production open for everyone. EOSDAC token holders elect 12 custodians whose mission is to lead the DAC to achieve its vision of excellent EOSIO block production and DAC Enabling..

If you join as a member, you can submit your project plans as a worker proposal to the custodians and if they approve it, get paid for the value you create with your skills and expertise.

It is our vision that DACs will become a powerful economic driving force that helps develop business on EOSIO blockchains.

Status: Live


Michael Yeates, Kas, Piecesnbits, Dallas Johnson, Nano, Nod

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Submitted: Jan 8th, 2019
Last updated: Jan 10th, 2019

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