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  • Hourglass contract with flexible investments

Warning: Don't fall for Ponzi schemes and other (pyramid) investment frauds. These scams involve paying longer-standing members with money from new participants, instead of actual profits from investing or selling products / services to the public. This cannot be sustained and will always collapse eventually. Protect yourself and your money by steering clear of any "opportunity" bearing warning signs of a Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

EtherBillion - Hourglass contract with flexible investments

World's first hourglass contract with a flexible investment management system.

Choose a plan from 7 to 30 days and generate from 7.8% to 17% profit every day, the longer you keep your deposit, the greater your profit! Get dividends every second.
Our smart contract designed for instant dividends!
Low entry.
To participate in the project, you only need to have 0.05 ETH (~10$).
100% Decentralized.
No owner methods in contracts, so the project can't have any external influence.
Open-source verified contracts.
Any programmer can check and make sure that business logic is perfect, scam is impossible.
Team of true professionals.
We are passionate about decentralized applications and have solid high-level skills of technologies that we use. Feel free to submit new features, we will definitely check it out!
Invite people in the project and earn 5% - 3% - 1% 3 LVL referral reward

Status: Live


Tomas Kilska

Software license


Last updated: Jul 19th, 2020
Submitted: Jul 19th, 2020
  • Mainnet contract (Ethereum)

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