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EtherBucks - Collect Digitized $ETH Notes

The EtherBucks NFT collection commemorates the chronological history of Ethereum and ETH, through a visual representation of a digitized currency note. Each EtherBuck is programmatically generated with 26 different layers, with purely random color sets and combinations. Each NFT in the collection is unique as each represent a different day in history.
The front side of an EtherBuck consist of elements such as the date, daily closing price, the highest and lowest closing price indicators (US$) of the year, a memorable event or milestone, a candlestick graph of the ETH price of the year, a trading volume graph, and a moving average graph (daily/weekly), and the EtherBucks badge.
On the back of EtherBucks, an image depicting the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, a mining rig, the Ethereum transaction screen of the exchange, and the launch date of the EtherBucks collection.
The first NFT’s from this Genesis collection represent 2278 days of Ethereums history. Staring with the day that

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Last updated: Dec 13th, 2021
Submitted: Dec 13th, 2021

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