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ethernL - Play and win in ethernL's BUSD Lottery

ethernL is a new gaming platform that launched on the BNB Smart Chain, currently taking advantage of the BUSD token to offer a reliable, trustworthy and fair lottery using Chainlinks VRF.
Our main goal is to expand to our community, create more exiting games, give utility to more tokens within the ecosystem and expand to other blockchains. Also there might be a possibility at some point to launch our own token but that is still uncertain.
ethernL’s draw is using the BUSD token as its means of payment. The entry price is 5 BUSD (~5 dollars) per ticket, and buying more tickets will also include a progressive discount. There will be an extraction everyday after which the winners can claim their prizes. The winning criteria is determined by how many numbers are matched in the correct order. Matching one or more numbers will make you a winner for the respective bracket, where a percentage of the prize fund will be split to all the winners of that bracket. The ethernL team will receive a 1

Status: Live



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Last updated: Mar 24th, 2022
Submitted: Mar 24th, 2022
  • Mainnet contracts (BSC)

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