• Evolution1

  • Arbitraging smart contracts to change the human condition

Evolution1 is an arbitraging smart contract platform. It is the first smart contract platform to use arbitraging to generate revenue for token holders. Investors pay 15% for buying, selling, and reinvesting. 10% is distributed amongst token holders as dividends, and 5% is pooled in a shared investing fund for arbitraging bots. The dividends earned from trading bots are also distributed to token holders. Evolution1 is unique in the fact token holders earn dividends from both the volume of buying, selling, and reinvesting in addition to earned dividends from trading bots removing the zero sum equation from the smart contract.

Status: Live


WPI Team

Software license

Open source

Submitted: Jun 23rd, 2018
Last updated: Jul 2nd, 2018
  • Mainnet contract (Ethereum)

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