• EvolV

  • ERC-20 smart contract from the WolfpackBOT team

EvolV is a unique ERC-20 token and smart contract from the WolfpackBOT cryptocurrency trading bot team. EvolV is equipped with a built-in decentralized exchange that handles buying and selling of the token.

The EvolV Ecosystem includes built-in referral dividends and volume based staking dividends for all token holders, meaning that every time EvolV is bought or sold, all EvolV holders receive instant dividends, paid in Ethereum. This creates a potential source of ongoing dividend income based on the volume of the EvolV token, for as long as users buy or sell EvolV.

Every time EvolV is purchased, all EvolV holders receive Ethereum dividends.

Every time EvolV is sold, all EvolV holders receive an Ethereum dividends.

Every time someone uses your unique referral link to purchase EvolV, you will receive a 5% referral bonus, paid immediately in Ethereum.

The EvolV Ecosystem also includes use cases that give EvolV true utility.

Status: Live



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Last updated: Feb 28th, 2020
Submitted: Feb 28th, 2020
  • Mainnet contract (Ethereum)

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