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Exnomy DEX – Brief:
Exnomy protocol is a world class decentralized financial assets exchange protocol hosted on Klayton Main net platform. Exnomy protocol does not mean just one exchange but multiple exchange networks. Any exchanges using exnomy protocol can share the order between them. Exnomy protocol is the vision of an exchange platform to improve the exchange economy by operating customers financial assets in a decentralized way among exchanges. Currently there are some exchanges are willing to join our protocol.

Following are some of the capabilities of the platform:
⮚ Order Sharing Function:
Exchanges can execute and share orders through the EXNOMY smart contract, and this will increase liquidity through the network of exchanges. In addition, exchanges can open channels to share the orders based on the agreement.
⮚ Competitive Gas Fee & Rapid Speed:
The smart contract of EXNOMY is optimized for On-chain balance managing algorithm, so you will experience low gas charges and fa

Status: Beta


Jeonggon Mun, Thimothi Veerabathini, Sandeep Sharma, Raghavendra M, Purnachandar L

Software license


Last updated: Mar 23rd, 2020
Submitted: Dec 13th, 2019
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