• FarmEOS

  • A gambling gaming eco-platform

FarmEOS is a blockchain game platform in which players are shareholders. The platform provides an efficient and fast game experience based on the EOS public chain, and uses the Bancor algorithm for game mining. To encourage more players to participate in FarmEOS, each bet of an EOS will receive a certain amount of FARM tokens, and according to the amount of betting and the price of the FARM, players can obtain a certain amount of dividend weight, gain platform revenue, and become platform shareholders. PoB(Proof of Bancor) and DoP (Dividend of Price) are the new mining modes pioneered by FarmEOS team. FarmEOS is also the world's first DApp gaming platform that combines game mining,Bancor and price dividend percentage.

Status: Live


The FarmEOS Team

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Submitted: Oct 19th, 2018
Last updated: Oct 19th, 2018

Active users ?

  • Daily 46
  • Weekly 87
  • Monthly 148


  • 1 day 880
  • 7 days 11,947
  • 30 days 22,466

Volume (EOS)

  • 1 day 41.599
  • 7 days 365.483
  • 30 days 620.119
  • Mainnet contracts (EOS)

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