• Flipsies

  • Texas Hold'em combined with coin flip
Flipsies - Texas Hold'em combined with coin flip

Flipsies is a game you won’t find in any casino but a known gambling game nevertheless, often played at the end of private games. Flipsies is a fixture throughout underground card games, often going by coin-flip, shoots or other bynames. This is the first time (known to us) that flipsies has appeared online and we could think of no better way to launch than on the TRON blockchain.

In Flipsies both you and your opponent have an equal chance at winning the hand. We added an optional side bet where you can bet on the majority color of the suits on the flop(2 or more of either red or black), this is often played in private poker games. Flipsies follows standard Texas Holdem hand rankings, these rankings are provided in the drop down menu on the upper right hand corner of the game.

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Last updated: Aug 5th, 2021
Submitted: Aug 5th, 2021

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