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  • Cannabis Weed Farming Collectible Cards MMORPG #1
Flowerpatch - Cannabis Weed Farming Collectible Cards MMORPG #1

Flowerpatch is a digital farming game centered around the collectible & highly sought after ERC-721 FLOWERs.

We eliminate the labor intensive responsibilities of growing cannabis in the real world and enable you to fulfill this dream in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else on the planet.

Flowerpatch’s algorithmic chromosome agitator allows a player the ability to propagate & create a never-seen-before cannabis phenotype which inherits the genetic make-up directly from its parents.

Seize the opportunity to farm FLOWERs on a personalized plot of land & crossbreed them with other nearby plants.

Flowerpatch is a revolutionary, collaborative, role playing experience that is incredibly amusing & involves endless surprises and unusual characters.

Build-up your own farm, befriend individuals, & explore an ever-changing enchanting landscape.

Come escape the destructive stresses of life by taking full control of a fun-loving koala in a relaxing, majestic, multiplayer game world.

Status: Concept


Nugbase Syndicate

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Last updated: Oct 21st, 2019
Submitted: Sep 5th, 2019

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