• forgivenet™

  • Crypto token rewards running on forgiveness.
forgivenet™ - Crypto token rewards running on forgiveness.

There is only one true currency between human beings. Love.

forgivenet™ is the start of something new. The first whispers of a global currency of love based on forgiveness.

Request forgiveness from those you've wronged and receive an FRGVN token in return.

Later, with the blockchain full of forgiveness requests, forgivenet™ will release its AI application that matches forgiveness requests to those wronged. Whenever forgiveness is accepted, requester and accepter receive more hefty FRGVN token rewards.

We believe that crypto-currency is the future and cannot be left in the hands of irresponsible greed.

forgivenet™ will support research and development into sustainable and fully inclusive crypto economies built on forgiveness. The FRGVN token is the only currency of true human value.

Use forgivenet™ today. Alleviate some burden. Discover the wonders of humility.

Status: Live


Dr K Niramisa

Software license


Last updated: Aug 17th, 2021
Submitted: Jan 10th, 2020
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