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FortuneCats - Collect maneki-neko cats

Fortune Cats are digital versions of maneki-neko.
The maneki-neko ( japanese name for fortune cats ) is a common talisman, which is believed to bring good luck to its owner.

At FortuneCats.co you can acquire your own, crypto-bred maneki-neko.

These cats are prepared as “digital ceramic” talismans in form of ERC721 Ethereum Tokens. All the kitties are tailored to fit your trading, hodling, fortune needs.

You can claim a free fortune cat or you can buy any type of fortune cats and after you acquire them you can watch them waving on your fortune wall.

In the roadmap there is planned transfers between users, shareable walls to show others your collection, special stats for every cat you own, special tokens ( plants and decorations ) to put on your wall. And of course, there are many other cats planned to be added to the shop.

Status: Abandoned


Tomas Husar

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Last updated: May 31st, 2019
Submitted: Mar 9th, 2019

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