• FRAXsset

  • Global Asset Rights Management System
FRAXsset - Global Asset Rights Management System

Leveraging the power of the blockchain, FRAXsset helps in creating provenance and record of ownership for almost any type of asset, from digital assets like software code, songs, images, video and documents to physical assets like real estate and art. FRAXsset is optimal for the support of cross-border (international) joint ownership and exchange of assets. It allows not only for the recording of an asset, but additionally the division of said assets into shares/tokens that can represent the fractional ownership by multiple parties of the asset. It subsequently allows for the transfer to another party of owned shares/tokens. Additionally, a seller and buyer can arrange for the exchange of shares for Ether (ETH) or various ERC20 tokens through the quick escrow function.

Status: Beta



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Last updated: Oct 10th, 2019
Submitted: Oct 10th, 2019

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